PBT RESIN for Optical Fiber Cable PBT RESIN for Optical Fiber Cable

We focused on PBT for optical fiber cable production more than 10 years

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  • Product Description

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Product use
I produced the model 61008 dedicated fiber optic cable PBT is polymerized by PTA and BDO.,Through the solid phase modified into cable for PBT. This material is suitable for the production of all beam tube optical cable.
This material has the advantages of easy molding.ointment has good compatibility, good mechanical properties and electrical properties, hydrolysis resistance. It is widely used in cable industry.
Our company's PBT is suitable for all beam tube production ( φ1.5~12mm) , Has good processing properties and mechanical properties.

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Technical indicator

To use PBT-61008 ,the machine should as following set:

ItemInjection molding machine
heating temperature235°C-280°C
liner speed10-500m/min
tube tolerance+ / -  0.05mm
cooling water temperature15°C-60°C

Production : PBT-61008

S/NInspection  ItemUnitStandard Requirements YD/T1118.1-2001Inspection Result
2Melting Range210~230222
3Melting Indexg/10min7.0~159-10
4Tensile Strength at yieldM Pa≥5055
5Elongation at yield%5~106.8
6Elongation at break%≥100280
7Modulus of elasticity in tensileM Pa≥21002280
8Shore Hardness≥7080
9Modulus of elasticity in flexureM Pa≥22002320
10moisture content%≤0.10.05
11Izod impact strength(23℃)KJ/m2≥55.6
12Heat distortion temp 0.45M pa≥170181
Heat distortion temp 1.8M pa≥5558
13Coefficient of volume ResistanceΩ.cm≥1.0* 10143.92*1014
14Water absorption%≤0.50.3

 1. Do not open before using .   The production should keep dry and sealed.    

 2.Store in dry place

 3.Pls read the instruction manual and dry the granuales before used for 2-4 hours by hopper dryer    at 120℃-140℃